30 Oct By John Southcliffe Martineau. A Little Book of Coincidence. Topics universe. Collection opensource. Language English. By John Southcliffe. A Book of Coincidence, and its more recent incarnation, A Little Book of Coincidence of astounding geometrical relationships put together by John Martineau. A Little Book of Coincidence by John Martineau A Little Book of Coincidence is all about the planets in our solar system and how their orbits relate to geometry.

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An Interview With Faith Anstey. He show us the mathematical perfection seen in the layout of coinfidence solar system and the proportional relationships that cannot be accident This is a one of a kind book. It takes just 15 mins to take part and prov… https: Amazing Experience Fantastic service at a great price — I’ll definitely use you again.

If you are looking for explanations you will have to look outside of xoincidence science. Sacred Geometry Miranda Lundy. Other books in the series. About this book The solar system has long been suspected of hiding secret mysterious relationships and patterns. And of course, we can connect Jupiter with Neptune l with a multi-pointed star dressed to the Nines.

A Little Book of Coincidence

Magenta Bat 4 Bat Detector 8. There were some expecting some significant action, but apparently the Earth doged another bullet aka rock from outer space. maetineau

Jul 07, F. But a picture is worth a thousand words, and thus, consider the following pictures and where thousands and thousands of words will not require being read — well, maybe a few words: Reaching the outer reaches, we can note the fascinating dance between Jupiter and Saturn where from the viewpoint of Earth, we get Golden Mean relationships, Star of David combos, and threesomes.

Reading this book definitely gave me the sacred geometry flavored buzz of pleasure. Furthermore, an understanding of the process could greatly simplify the search for new planets, both those belonging to Sol and to other nearby stars. A Little Book of Coincidence: Venus and Earth can be spaced with a pentagram very Golden Mean ish or Wicca ish a little book of coincidence by john martineau Coincldence to Read saving….


I see in other reviews here that people would like to have had some explanations of cojncidence these relationships occur.

A Little Book of Coincidence : In the Solar System

If for no other reason than that if Mars is sized so as to define the thickness of the inner bluestone horseshoe, then the Earth and Moon are sized as shown in the upper a little book of coincidence by john martineau figure. There are over 1, Wooden Books now in print worldwide and growing. He show us the mathematical perfection seen in the layout of the solar system and the proportional relationships that cannot be accidental.

Handbook of Western Palearctic Birds: By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

But the pseudo-mystical way this was presented was a little off putting to me, and I would much rather the space been dedicated to ideas on why these proportions would occur. Searching and Browsing for Ot. Reference Collections Management Reference: A table shows the relative measurements of each planet in eighteen categories, and three pages show the beautiful dance patterns of thirty six pairs of planets and moons.

On a side note, after seeing so many pentagrams drawn in space, it makes me wonder what all those first Americans were doing with their mason symbols Additionally, these relationships a little book of coincidence by john martineau musical correlates, as do the frequencies emitted by the planets themselves and the frequencies of their synods, sometimes producing exquisite two-dimensional patterns over time.

A Little Book of Coincidence: In the Solar System (Wooden Books) John Martineau: Bloomsbury USA

There are over 1, Wooden Books now in print worldwide and growing. A friend gifted me this book a long time ago and it ‘s been cincidence inspiring. Well, this is the right source. Opticron Hand Lens 23mm 10x Magnification 7.


Bestsellers in this subject. MacBeth Derham recommends this book as, “The solar system is God’s Spirograph, and this secular little book demonstrates the mathematical beauty of a created universe without trying; there are no coincedences. The Big ButterflyCount begins today! And just as 3 and 7 have their own connections, so do 5 and 8 both of which are Fibonacci Numbers.

Meanwhile, just littke in the knowledge that everything is mathematical not to mention aestheticand that we can sleep well tonight knowing that the mainstream astronomers are dutifully searching the skies for those pesky Near-Earth Objects which are threatening to annihilate the Earth, pummel it back to the stone age, or just destroy civilization as we know it.

Pt a little book of coincidence by john martineau jartineau a little book of coincidence by john martineau it Nov 17, Nov 23, Sally marked it as to-read Shelves: Promote Your Book on www.

Eco friendly and educational. The final diagram depicts the earth’s orientations as drawn against a celestial sphere of our immediate cosmos — including the Pleiades and Sirius — describing a fundamental degree cosmological make-up reflected by our system of seconds, minutes and hours.

This book points out many measurement relationships that correspond to platonic solids, musical ratios, and other geometric relationships familiar to students of sacred geometry. Martineau is a visual artist and an explorer in the finest sense. Score one for the Lunatics!