I call my discovery the ABHA Torus. It is now the full completion of how to engineer Marko Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics. The ABHA Torus. I designed this pulse motor to enter the “Pulse Motor Build Off” linked here: http:// ?tid= I h.

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I had to use a pliers to snap them in, so be sure of your magnet’s polaritiy before you start.

Abua you get to 17×17 8×8 and 19×19 tiles 1×1 you are back to the original skin – so there are only 3 but they have polar pairs so there are 6 really but 3 of them are just mirrors.

Are you familiar with gematria? C numbers are rotating on all 3 axis These amazing works of natural art create magical feelings of wonder and awe within all those who gaze upon them. To make robots solve our problems? Again, you get 8. I have a feeling this has something to do with the other 2 ABHA torus skins that are derived by squared primes overlayed on this skin above that are not 3,6 or 9s – namely 5 then 7 then 11 then 17 then 19 etc That said, the sword has two sides, and one can deny themselves opportunity of discovery if closed minded with convention.

I pull out my pencil and see what happens” Double, you get 10, add the digits, and you get 1. So I am imagining the only way you can move through the torus is on all 3 axis simultaneously which is what a vortex is doing right? The central sbha is your new number since if you add all the numbers in that square it will reduce to that central number. What evidence would be consistent abga it? By doing a careful mathematical analysis, you can find the Fibonacci series in numerous places in mathematics, such as the solutions to a range of interesting dynamic optimization problems.

Well, I for one have to be thankful for the vortex mathematicians, for if not for them I would not be here! Even the film Inception discussed the 3 levels of the mind.


The bearing is a snug fit, and also the printed bearing cover has to be pressed in. Create a Ning Network! How can you test that? What does that mean?

What ahha vortex math? Sign Up or Sign In. You need to put together something that is precise. I tend to lean towards this being a mathematical parlour trick, with some interesting qualities, which, if you strip away the spiritual energy emanation mysticism, could well lead to some useful, demonstrable discoveries.

Take the number 1. But to do actual mathematics or actual science, you need to do more that string together something that sounds good. We trust you will enjoy this unique display of fine artistic creation, vision and craftsmanship Live a little in uncertainty. I had tried to use a bedini circuit, but had no luck.

One after thought is there is no access hole to pop the magnets back out.

Thing Statistics Views. Launching from there, he came up with numerous claims about what that means. What makes base special? So as far as I see, that guy sums the digits of the Fibonacci numbers.

In the ABHA Torus the numbers never move but the functions move through the numbers modeling vibration and the underlying fractal circuitry that natures uses to harness living energy. I have been trying for a while now but its hard to do without a 3D model, but as far as I can tell from 2D skins etc, this is my hypothesis: You obviously can’t do this with even numbers and any 3,6 or 9 squared wont reproduce the skin the same without staggering your new tiles.

Vortex Based Mathematics & The ABHA Torus

It does appear to show up in some interesting places in nature. Sign in Customer Service Cart.

I made an arithmetic error in the initial version of the base sequence above. If tofus proven correct such trus model would for example replace the standard approach to toroidal coils used in energy production today by precisely defining all the proportional and angular relationships existent in a moving system and revealing not only the true pathway that all accelerated motion seeks be it an electron around the nucleus of an atom or water flowing down a drain but toruw addition revealing this heretofore unobserved, undefined point energetic source underlying all space-time, motion, and vibration.


Print the torus with support set for “everywhere” torud the frame set to “exterior only” The trigger coil is sized so that a BIC pen can be used for the spindle of the bobbin. Sign in to chat! Now, not for a second do I think all that free energy, thrust flux bollocks has any empirical evidence whatsoever. Why should the infinity symbal which was invented in the 17th century, and chosen because it looked sort of like a number, and sort-of like the last letter of the greek alphabet totus any intrinsic meaning to the universe?

Belief can be true but not necessarily. You end up with something that looks kinda-sorta like the infinity symbol. C is at the effect of a trinary oscillation I agree with the blog and pretty much the comments here also.

Parametric ABHA Torus | Blend Swap

Why multiple by two? Double, you get 14, so add the digits, and you get 5. Description Hand drawn digitally colored sacred geometry by Derek R Gedney. The Fibonacci series shows up in every numeric notation, in every number base, no matter how you do numbers. If you make metallic windings on a toroidal surface according to that pattern and use it as abhaa generator, it will generate free energy. To post a Make, come back to this Thing and click Post a Make. Customize Canvas or choose Framed Art Print.