Protect your network from Wi-Fi hacking with AirTight’s industry-leading wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS), which automatically detects and blocks. Mojo AirTight is the industry-leading Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS ) that uses proprietary techniques to identify and actively defend against. Instantant threat detection, accurate device classification, auto remediation, no other solution protects your network like AirTight WIPS call

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Various types of Marker Packets are sent across the network and when an access point transfers that packet into the air our sensors can quickly and accurately identify what type airtihht access point it is, which VLAN it is connected to, and where it is physically located.

If your business was under attack from one of the many cyber threats around today, how would your network cope? Ask one of our Experts If you have a question you’d like to ask us, please use the form below and we’ll get airtiht to you as soon as possible.

Regardless of the deployment model, AirTight sensors at any number of geographically distributed sites can be managed centrally from a single console. This is available as a VMware bundle or as a Mojo appliance and enables management of up to 15, sensors from a single console.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, the administrator can launch a full PCAP from any Mojo sensor and stream it live to his or her console.

SNMP and Syslog interfaces allow it to integrate with virtually any event and log management tool. Key Features Automatic fingerprinting of types of smartphones and tablets Block unapproved personal devices till they get authorized Detect and block mobile W-Fi hotspots.

When this is known and vetted against pre-defined policies, Mojo AirTight can be configured to block any unauthorized associations automatically and without harming or disrupting neighboring networks.

Mojo Features

Accurate Location Tracking By pinpointing the physical location of a Wi-Fi device on the floor map, AirTight WIPS allows security administrators to quickly track down a vulnerable or threat-posing device and take action. Registered in England and Wales No. The reporting is automatic too so you can schedule reports airtifht be generated and delivered via email when you want them.


Pre-defined DoD Compliance Report. Administrators can make better decisions, faster.

We hope you find what you are looking for, but if you need some extra advice get in touch – we’re happy to help. Flexible Deployment and Pricing A variety of deployment and pricing options cater to enterprises of every industry and size. The Mojo console provides the ability to designate specific location folders for specific administrators and apply role-based access control to each user. Using this architecture, enterprises can define role-based administration such that administrators get access to only the locations and functions they manage; other locations and functions are ‘out of bounds’ and naturally protected from mismanagement.

No feature-based license fees! Key Features AirTight sensors “auto-homing” capability enables zero-touch provisioning Multi-tenant architecture separates customer accounts, configuration, and data on AirTight’s public cloud Industry’s only WIPS solution that also supports multi-tenancy within a specific customer account, allowing enterprises to manage control across distinct functions such as brands, ownership e.

There is no additional cost for multiple administrative accounts. Contact Us General – Sales – Support – If you are looking to email us or find our office location please click here.

Cognitive WiFi – Arista

No per-sensor license fees! Prevents Authorized Client Mis-associations. Enterprise Grade Wireless LAN The key to automatic device classification is to determine which of the Wi-Fi devices detected in the vicinity are connected to the enterprise network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Login Support Request Demo Products. It pulls vital information from the WLAN controllers airright APs, 1x authenticated clients, and location tracking information which allow Mojo to provide better security and more accurate location tracking than the integrated solution alone. Hello We hope you find what you are looking for, but if you need some extra advice get in touch – we’re happy to help. The PCAP can be easily configured to capture just the data airtigyt a specific wireless device, a specific channel, or rotate on all channels in aortight single band or both bands.


Sensors will trigger proximity alerts for WiFi clients and access points that cross the configurable threshold. This includes personal Mi-Fi devices, neighboring wireless access points and public Hotspots. Further, technical integration with most leading WLAN solutions, allows it to import information such as managed APs and clients, airtihgt their live signal strength that can be repurposed for location tracking.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. A single virtual or physical appliance is designated as the primary console, allowing it to manage and distribute policies to up wipps twenty-five separate appliances, all from a single pane of glass.

Real-time and historic location information is available.

Top 5 reasons why your business should consider AirTight WIPS | Datasharp UK

Other functions, including inheritance and customization of policies, dashboards, devices and alerts listing, statistics, and reporting are also location aware. It is important you not only understand what the top security threats are, but also which security services can help you to prevent them. Mojo Networks Overlay vs. Patented Marker Packet Technology.

Eliminates the time and effort of manually inspecting newly discovered Wi-Fi devices. AirTight sensors are pre-configured out of the box to automatically discover and connect to the AirTight Cloud or to its local management server and download its location-based configuration and policies.

As a result, deployment is plug-and-play and your WLAN is up and running in a few minutes, even at remote sites with no IT staff.

This includes both access points and wireless client devices. This means WiFi devices are accurately detected and classified as authorized, guest, external or rogue devices. Pricing is available as full Capex, full Opex bundled cloud service, or a hybrid unbundled cloud service, and is all inclusive.