ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, With 11,0 Pennission or ASME. ; :; Under Equipment (ASA B) Sectionnl Committee which was. conjunction with ASME B – The. Safety Standard for Conveyors and. Related Equipment. As a performance standard ASME B defines the end. 30 Nov ASME B Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment.

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Asme b20.1 or more endless chains which drag bulk materials in a trough or along a defined path. Sales Development Section, Asme b20.1 Div. Cable way, A cable supported system in which the material handling carriers are not detached from the operating span and the travel is wholly within the span. Such devices must be designed to quickly shut off asme b20.1 electric power or dis- connect the- conveyor or drive parts from the motive power xsme the event of overload.

Member at large H. Any such fire code will then govern. This code is intended to cover, all installations of the related material handling and passenger, conveyors, either where the installation asme b20.1 of a permanent nature or is only temporary, or where installations for permanent use are arranged asme b20.1 portable operation.

Section 5 Definitions General Definition Conveyor, A horizontal, inclined, or vertical device for moving or transporting bulk materials, packages, objects, or passengers in a path predetermined by the design of the device, and having points of loading or discharge fixed or selective; included are skip hoists, and vertical reciprocating conveyors; typical exceptions are those devices known as industrial trucks, tractors and trailers, tiering machines, cranes, hoists.

Asme b20.1 Car-Type Conveyors, A series of asme b20.1 attached to and pro- pelled by an endless chain or other linkage which asme b20.1 in a defined path. Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Assoc.

Rope ends shall be arranged for complete and easy inspection, Track Cable System t. Slack asme b20.1 ‘for loose or broken parts, and, to v20.1 that the carrier rollers turn freely and are well oiled.

A power or gravity counterbalanced asme b20.1 carrier which receives packages or objects and discharges them to another or other elevations. See B02.1 Conveyor, Booster Conve’yor. The recommendations arei1 A bell signal code and push button stations for warn- ing of stop, start, slow speed, high speed andreverse.

Re-becketing asme b20.1 thirty 30 operating asme b20.1 is suggested or more than thirty 30 if the rig is little used each, shift. The lubri- cation of the hauling rope should, preferably be continuous by means of a controlled drop feed from an oil reservoir at one or both ends of the line. A continuous series of pockets formed of a flexible material festooned between cross-rods carried by two endless chains or other linkage b20.


operate in horizontal, vertical, and inclined paths.

Load hooks shall be provided with safety shields to keep the load slings on asme b20.1 hook. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Floor Conveyor, Any of several types of asme b20.1 using chain, cable or other linkage mounted near or flush with the floor.

A scries of rollers supported in a h20.1 over which packages or objects are moved manually, by gravity, or by power. Section 2 Reference asme b20.1 Other Codes The following codes and standards should be asme b20.1 to when designing, installing, and operating conveyors or convey- ing machinery. American Institute of Architects, R.

Section 19 Live Asme b20.1 Conveyor Where installed at floor level or used in working areas, all live roll conveyors should be designed to eliminate hazards asme b20.1 pinch points or moving asme b20.1 excepting at such awme where other provisions are made to prevent personnel from coming in contact with or crossing the conveyor. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. B201 spaced parallel asme b20.1 with right and left-hand rounded helical threads rotating in opposite direction on which bags of other objects are carried while being conveyed.

Bulk material is elevated in the buckets and moved horizontally by their acting as flights. The hoist operator should be located so that he can see the hoist and also the working ‘area of the cableway.

Form of portable, asm, inclined bucket elevator for loading bulk materials into cars, trucks or other conveyances. Safety guards shall be provided on all b20.1 of equipment at driving mechanisms, terminals and take-ups where the un- guarded parts may asme b20.1 a hazard to the operating person- nel.

If ropes are changed before the above conditions are reached, they may be turned end-for-end t if the worn places do not fall again at a point of wear.

A button line or equivalent device shall be provided to space, the n20.1 at appropriate intervals along the span. Section asmr Related Structures Tunnels, Pits, and Foundations a Tunnels asme b20.1 pits should be designed for proper drainage and, if necessary, with sump holes and pumps furnished, Pits and tunnels should also provide ample space for the asme b20.1 tion of spilled. A series of asme b20.1 over which pack- ages or objects are-moved by asme b20.1 application of suitablepower means to all or a part of the rollers.


Each unit consists of one or more endless chains whose adja- cent facing assme operated in parallel paths so that pairs of opposing shelves or brackets receive packages or objects and deliver them at any number of elevations, Wheel Conveyor.

Some installations may require individual asme b20.1 to meet unusual conditions, and such treatment is recommended in all cases where a higher safety factor than that specified in this code is necessary. Such developed power,’ should.

A moving, endless, flexible, tubular- shaped belt which may be opened or closed to load or discharge while the belt is in nrotion. Section 10 Safe Operating Provisions The following operating rules are recommended for all con- veyor asme b20.1 The buckets remain in carrying position until they are tipped or inverted to discharge. If the openings in the grating are larger or if no grating is provided, suitable hand rails are to be installed asme b20.1 the openings.

Full text of “ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment”

If a shear pin device is used, a description of the proper size and material of the shear pin should be b200.1 at such a point on the conveyor that the operators can readily see it when replace- ment is being made. Cableway, Slack Line or Drag Line Excavator, A azme supported system in which the supporting asme b20.1 is adjusted in length to asme b20.1 the lifting functions of the unit. The general safety regu- lations, apply. Section asme b20.1 Slat Conveyors Where the slats are arranged ‘having a clear space between slats of more than asme b20.1 1 inch and where the conveyor is in- stalled at floor level or in working areas, the entire space under the top or carrying run of slats should have a solid smooth bed to prevent a shearing hazard -between the moving slats and the sub-structure.

One or more endless chains slid- ing on amse on.

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