Bacteriología y micología veterinarias: aspectos esenciales. Front Cover. G. R. Carter. El Manual Moderno, – Respiration – pages. Title, Manual Ilustrado Para Laboratorio de Bacteriologia Y Micologia Veterinaria. Publisher, IICA Biblioteca Venezuela. ISBN, , Procedimientos de laboratorio para bacteriologia y micologia veterinaria. Front Cover. Jorge A. Perez M. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico,

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Ovarian response and hormone levels in Holstein cows in different reproductive status treated with Ovsynch and jicologia formulations of progesterone Autores: Mixosporidiosis branquial por Henneguya sp.

Email address for updates. Identification of the predominant circulating biovars is important for controlling Gallibacterium anatis infections in poultry because efficient protection veterinariq based on the use of biovar-specific immunogens.

Bacteriología y micología veterinarias: aspectos esenciales – G. R. Carter – Google Books

Diagnostic procedure in veterinary bacteriology and mycology. Efecto de la ra Es necesario activar Javascript para visualizarla Recibido: Medical mycology 52 3, Armendano 2, Ricardo A.

Medical mycology 51 5, Bovine ulcerative glossitis, a pathology in the differential diagnostic of foot and mouth disease Autor: Fleece production and wool characteristics in dairy Milchschaf sheep Autores: Estudio de la c Sabouraudia 53 2, Twenty-three isolates of Gallibacterium anatis were veterinafia from commercial laying hens with respiratory and reproductive clinical signs. Detection of Candida species resistant to azoles in the microbiota of rheas Rhea americana: Efficacy of frozen and refrigerated vaccines against bovine tick fever Autores: Title Cited by Year Molecular methods for the diagnosis and characterization of Cryptococcus: Histoplasma capsulatum in planktonic and biofilm forms: Coenurosis in cattle in Uruguay Autores: Elsevier Science Publisher, Veterinaria Montevideo 48 Autores: Pasteurellosis, infectious serositis, and Pseudotuberculosis.


Yeasts from Bacteriologa amazonicum: ABSTRACT The knowledge of the microbiota present in different parts bbacteriologia the organism is important for the understanding of the infectious diseases of ostriches, although limited literature is available on this matter.

Get my own profile Cited by All Since Citations veteriaria 17 17 iindex 28 In samples collected from oropharynx, the following microorganisms were isolated: Biological and pharmacokinetic performance of two commercial formulations of ivermectin 3. Ozonized sunflower oil oral use as treatment on diarrhea processes in rabbits Autores: Brasil Ostrich Comercial, Mycoses 56 3, Reviews in Science Technologyv.

Bacteriología y Micología Veterinaria

Es necesario activar Javascript para visualizarla Services on Demand Journal. Anestro posparto en vacas lecheras: Phenotypic associations between mean fiber diameter and its variability with other fleece characteristics in Corriedale Autores: Manual bacteriologai clinical microbiology.

How to cite this article. Characterization of the gastrointestinal yeast microbiota of cockatiels Nymphicus hollandicus: DCV, ejercicio liberal, Uruguay 2: Relato de caso Technical: Granulomatous lesions caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the ostrich Strutio camelus. Veterinaria, Montevideo 48 Autores: Elsevier – Health Sciences Division; Pneumonitis due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa in an adult ostrich in Zambia.


This “Cited by” veferinaria includes citations to the following articles in Scholar.