Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra of Maharshi Parasara (2 Volume Set): The Gospel Book of Hindu Astrology With Master Key to Divination [Maharshi Parasara. 9 Sep Effects, like acquisition of a kingdom, happiness from wife and children, acquisition of conveyances, like elephants, gain of clothes, attainment. 12 Dec The book titled Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra in English in PDF format.

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Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Divide the time past up to birth from sunrise by brihat parashara hora shastra and add the quotient etc. When Parashsra is in Labh, Sukr is in Dhan and a benefic is placed in Vyaya Bhava, while Dhan’ s Lord is yuti with a benefic, there will be expenses on religious, or charitable grounds.

In an equal’s Rasi one eighth of auspicious disposition is useful. If Dharm’s Lord is an angle and receives a Drishti from Guru, the native’s father will be a king endowed with conveyances, or be equal to a king.

If Surya is in the 7 th from Dharm Bhava, as Rahu is in the 7 th from Sahaj Bhava, brihat parashara hora shastra 6 thor 25 th shastraa of the native will be fatal for father. Deduct Parivesh from 12 Rasis to arrive parrashara the position of Chap Indra Dhanuswho is also inauspicious.

I now narrate the antidotes for such evils as well, which will be helpful to assess the extent of inauspiciousness. Without a knowledge of astrology these cannot be known. This can be usefully extened to any loss of years as far as 16 bhavasl2to7 is concerned in other systems as nora.

Either the 25 th year, or the 33 rd year will bring marriage, if Randhr Lord is in Yuvati, as Sukr brihat parashara hora shastra in Navamsa Lagna.


In the case of an even sign, the quantum of Trimsamsa, planetary lordship and deities get reversed. Maheswara B — the third deity of the Triad entrusted brihat parashara hora shastra the task of Great Destruction, also name of Vishnu, a ‘great lord sovereign. Whatever results are to be known from Bandhu, Tanu, Dhan, Labh and Dharm should also be known from the 4 th of Candr, from Kark Rasi itself and from the 2 nd1 1 th and 9 th from Candr, respectively.

He assigns a maximum of 20 points taking again differently the four Varga parasuara, viz. Similarly, if Labh’s Lord brihat parashara hora shastra exalted, though in combustion there will be many gains.

Sani’s arrangements are same in Kumbh, as Surya has in Simh. Again, strong during night are the Moon, Mars brihat parashara hora shastra Saturn while Mercury is strong during day and night. If Putr’s Lord is with Candr, or is in her Decanate, the native will beget daughters; so say Jyotishis.

This is the Vimshopak Bal, relating to Shad Varg division. These are from Rasi down to Shashtiamsa.

Other Sources of Strength. Brihat parashara hora shastra book by Prashar forms a recommended book by universities like BHU for their courses of astrology and there are numerous Hindi Paraphrased book from Benaras as already mentioned above. These figures are called Varga Viswa.

Full text of “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra”

The resultant Rasi, degrees etc. Sani is a servant. Maitreya, explained now are the sum effects of classifications of different divisions or Vargas brihat parashara hora shastra far narrated. Royalty authorityplace, profession livelihoodhonour, father, living in foreign lands and debts are to be understood from Karm Bhava.

If Bandhu’s Lord xhastra in Ari Bhava, the brihat parashara hora shastra will be devoid of maternal happiness, be given to anger, be a thief and a conjurer, be independent in action and be indisposed. Sjastra Bandhu’s Lord is in Karm Bhava, the native will enjoy royal honours, be an alchemist, be extremely pleased, will enjoy pleasures and will conquer his five senses.


The divisions of a combust Grah, defeated Grah, weak Grah and a Grah in bad Avasthas, like Sayan, be all ignored to be auspicious, for these destroy the good Yogas.

Sani in Dharm Bhava, while Putr’s Lord is in Putr itself, gives 7 sons, out of which twins will be born shastr. This is what the sage sugge- sts to be considered. Ghora Brihat parashara hora shastra — aweful, violent. The present Volume— first volume— contains 45 chapters while the remaining 52 chapters have been put in the second volume.

It has strength in night and is fiery. In the Shodasa Varga scheme the combinations of Vargas go with designations thu9: Next is the Sapth Varg, in which these classifications continue in the same manner up to six combinations of good Vargas, the brihat parashara hora shastra th additional Varg getting classified, as Mukut.

The 5 th parshara Guru, the 7 th from Sukr and both the briht th and 12 th from Sani stand for consideration, respectively, in respect of offspring, spouse and death.

Full text of “Parashara Hora Sastra”

While the second half is the Hora brihat parashara hora shastra Candr. Rudra planet is the one which has more strength when the lords of 2nd and 8th are considered. If Yuvati Bhava, or its Lord is yuti with a malefic the native’s wife will incur evils, especially, if Yuvati Bhava, or its Lord is bereft of strength. Mithun, Dhanu, Dhanu; Indrachap: