04 Indice Dgpm 4revDocuments · Aqueous electrochemistry of trans-(py) 4ReV(O)2+. Electrocatalytic · Aqueous electrochemistry of trans-(py)4ReV(O)2+. 04 Indice Dgpm 4rev. api 16 – PC QC-FN Capa Anexo D. Introdução. 01 – PCOM Capa Indice Introdução – 8ª Revisão. 14 – Cap°tulo 12 – Anulaá∆o. TradeFinanceGuide_Ch01 · Folha de Rosto · 16 – PC QC-FN Capa Anexo D · 04 Indice Dgpm 4rev · api · PB · 11 – Capítulo 7 – TRRm.

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Enter the supervising physician who is responsible for the care of the patient. Enter the cost of travel to move this VA patient to a non-VA facility. Enter the patient for which this movement occurred.

This field may be filled in for treating specialty movements. It will only be stored if a change was made.

When admitting a patient,you will be asked to provide a brief desciption of the diagnosis of this patient upon admission. This may be the resident or intern in a teaching facility or the staff physician in a nonaffiliated hospital.

Choose the type of movement this patient had.


Enter in this field the transaction type of the movement. It will hold the episode number of the movement as defined internally by that package. If so,this admission will not created duplicate entries for 460 standard deficiencies. This question is only asked if the patient was transferred in order to make room for an operation desert shield patient.

Pointer to the discharge or check-out movement associated with this admission or check-in. If not defined,the patient is still in-house.

dgpm marinha pdf – P(1) –

This field is used internally by the module for movements that are ASIH. This is the user who last edited this patient movement entry. This file holds the data for all admissions,transfers,discharges, treating specialty changes,and dpgm movements. Nonaffiliated hospitals may choose not to use this field.


The user is only stored when a change is made.

Patient Movement (405)

The movement that physically occurs first the transfer in the first example,and the discharge gdpm the second will have a sequence number of 1 while the subsequent movement will have a sequence number of 2. Enter in this file the disposition of this patient upon being checked-out as a lodger.

This field is set internally by the module. This field is required for those movement types mentioned above. This field is updated automatically and no user input is necessary. Enter in this field the WARD to which 4006 patient is being admitted or transferred to. Enter yes if this patient was transferred out in order to free a bed for an operation desert shield patient. If this field contains a date,this admission has been initialized and all standard deficiencies have been created for this admission.

This field is internally set by the module. For example,if you 460 admitting a patient,you will only be able to select active admission types.

vgpm The number stored in this field will be the internal multiple entry number of the multiple,in that PTF record, corresponding to the next chronological movement,if one exists. This field will be used in a future version to track the eligibility of a patient upon admission. This field stores the date that the IRT background job was run for this admission.

This is intended to make code generation quicker. Respond yes if you are transferring this patient out to a non-VA facility. Was this patient admitted for care due to injuries sustained in Operation Desert Shield?

Search DGPM 7 REV –

Time must be included. Instead,the appropriate bed control options should be executed to insure data consistency. If this admission was a result of a previously scheduled admission,this field should be answered yes. These entries must not be edited through fileman.


The following cross-references exist on this file: Enter an in-depth description of the diagnosis for this patient. Denotes dtpm or not the patient wished to be excluded from the Facility Directory for this admisison. This internal number is used throughout the code of MAS and various other packages to determine the flow of processing that should occur. When the IRT background Job is dggpm for all admission it will dgpk to see if the admission has already been initialized.

It stores the internal entry number of the record in the PTF file. This field is a pointer to the admission or check-in lodger movement which is associated with the transaction being entered. The number stored in this field will be the internal multiple entry number of the multiple in that PTF record. If the treating specialty transfer is in conjunction with a physical movement either an admission or a transfer ,this field will contain a pointer to that physical movement.

Enter the healthcare provider with primary responsibility for the direct care of the patient. Respond no if transferring the patient to another VA facility. The Facility Directory is the directory of current inpatients in the facility. This field has been added for use by the DMMS package. If the patient wishes to be excluded from 4006 Facility Directory,then the VAMC can not make dgppm positive statement to family, friends,or others as to whether the patient is here or not.