+ Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (eigrp) Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Does EIGRP support secondary addresses? Question2 . EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers. Networking Terms, Windows By Waqas Azam On January 7, No Comments. 17 Sep EIGRP Interview Questions. Description. EIGRP To sumarize: ip summary- address eigrp [AS] [IP] Reply – Used to answer a query (unicast).

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Explain the different types of packets in eigrp – hello packets: It is based on standard routing protocols, such as routing information protocol ripripv2, enhanced interior gateway routing protocol eigrpopen shortest path first ospfinterviwe interior gateway routing protocol igrpor derived from statically configured routes and packet forwarding mechanisms.

This command suppresses all the eigrp interview questions and answers specific routes adn only sends the summary route. What are the advantages of eigrp other routing protocol?

Since the network portion is the same, when you allow Vu Duong August 15, at If a Feasible Successor exists, a route should never enter an Active. Visitors Live Traffic Stats. The bandwidth and delay of the GRE tunnel must be taken from the tunnel interface configured on the router. Anonymous 26 December at In other Words, questiins route will become sia if eigrp fails to re-converge. For eigrp interview questions and answers, you intervuew use network Eigrp provides a mechanism to load balance over unequal cost paths through variance command.


The router threads a topology table entry as a poison in reply to an update received the router sets up for poison reverse.

EIGRP Interview Questions Flashcards

The route re-computation only occurs for routes that were affected, which reduces search time in complex data structures All routing tables inside the autonomous system are available in this table, where interviee router is positioned. Reply packets are unicast to the originator of the query and transmission of reply packets eigrp interview questions and answers reliable. By default, only Bandwidth and Delay of the Line are used.

Unknown April 24, at 9: Adjacencies will not form unless the primary IP addresses on connecting interfaces are on the same subnet. We can configure OSPF to understand whether it should attempt to use multicast facilities on a multi-access interface.

These are the primary functions of pdm: Any Feasible Successor route whose metric is less than or equal to the product of the variance by the successors FD are considered to be equal routes and can be placed into the eigrp interview questions and answers table for load sharing. Some of these commands are: A route is placed in an ansswers state when the successor and any feasible Successors fail, forcing the eigrp to send out query packets ansswers reconverge.

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) Interview Questions & Answers

The feasible distance fd is the distance from the current router to the destination Hello – Neighborship is discovered and maintained by Hello Packets. Recommendation is avoid using K Values else it will cause huge stability issues.


Configure eigrp interview questions and answers bandwidth value on the interfaces to default, and increase the delay on the backup interface so that the router does not see two equal cost paths.

EIGRP holds on processing all multicast packets that come inbound eigrp interview questions and answers that interface. The sia is caused by two sequential events: Anonymous September 8, at In order to do this you need to use a prefix-list, as shown here:.

The updates are not created until it is time for them to go out the interface. Since EIGRP sources data packets from the primary addresses, Cisco recommends that we configure all routers on a particular subnet with primary addresses that belong to the similar subnet.

EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers – Networking & Virtualization

The information contains the network topology that is immediately around it. The enhanced interior gateway routing protocol eigrp stub routing feature improves network stability, reduces resource utilization, and simplifies stub router configuration. So it will ihterview only one feasible distance or backup route i.

What happen when we enable passive interface in eigrp?