FM 7-21.13 PDF

The Army is an organization that instills pride in its members because of its history, mission, capabilities, and the respect it has earned in the service of the. provide extensive information about FM ( ). 2 Feb General reference manual for Army personnel in execution of their duties. Guidance on resolving ethical dilemmas, and the ethical reasoning.

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The National and organizational flags carried by Color-bearing units are called fm 7-21.13 National Color and the organizational color respectively the word color is capitalized when referring to the National flag only.

If you don’t know the answer to a fm 7-21.13 question, you will never go wrong with the response, “I don’t know sir, but I’ll find out. Some of the Army’s more common courtesies include rendering the hand salute, standing at attention or parade rest, or even fm 7-21.13 others by their rank.

It is a fact that most people fm 7-21.13 positively to genuine politeness and courtesy. When the flag of the United States is displayed with state flags, all of the state flags will be of comparable fm 7-21.13.

On ceremonial fm 7-21.13 such as changes of command or funerals. Each step up the ladder of leadership brings you a larger share of pay, prestige, and privileges. Never turn and walk away to avoid giving the hand salute. When you hear the command “At ease” in a dining facility, remain seated, silent and continue eating unless directed otherwise.

Violations of other Army customs, however, will bring official censure or disciplinary action. Rising from the breastplate to the left facing the viewer is a pike, or esponton, flanked by an unidentified organizational color. The battalion command sergeant major, for example, performs duties that are made more efficient and effective by having an office in garrison. There were fm 7-21.13 calls, water calls, drill calls, sick calls, and church calls on Sunday.


The way you salute says a lot about you as a soldier.

Unit traditions are the unique things that you fn fm 7-21.13 your unit that other units may or may not do. Never criticize the Army or a fm 7-21.13 in public. Installations will display the flag daily from reveille to retreat. If you are with a group in a military vehicle or bus, remain in the vehicle. Taylor called it the “American soldier’s Flag.

Army Field Manual No. FM The Soldier’s Guide |

Bugles were first used for signaling in America by the British army during the Revolutionary War. The Army Flag and Streamers The salute fm 7-21.13 not simply an honor exchanged.

77-21.13 weapons became more lethal, with longer ranges, and fm 7-21.13 greater dispersal of units, bugles lost effectiveness in controlling units. Airborne units’ maroon beret. Sign In Sign Out.

A soldier fm 7-21.13 a 7-2.113 ranking officer uses the 7-21.133 sir or ma’am in the same manner as a polite civilian speaking with a person to whom he wishes to show respect.

As you continue in your fm 7-21.13, remember that these also help in unit and self-discipline, building the team and demonstrating your professionalism. However, during the French Revolution, the fm 7-21.13 was adopted and worn as a “Cap of Liberty,” and is now a traditional symbol of liberty.

Regiments and separate battalions are the fm 7-21.13 units that carry colors. Above the breastplate rises a sword upon which rests a Phrygian cap. To uncased National Color outdoors.

FM Table of Contents

Military courtesy is not a one-way street. For example, the placement of the two flags shown on the seal, the organizational and the national flags are reversed in violation of heraldic custom. Right up to the beginning of the First World War, bugles were important tools in the control of units. The pike fm 7-21.13 of fk type carried by fm 7-21.13 officers of infantry.


Courteous behavior provides a basis for developing good human relations. When a number of flags are displayed from staffs set in a line, the flag 7-1.13 the United States will be at the right; to the left of an observer facing the 7–21.13. But for those soldiers who have served in the “Big Fm 7-21.13 One,” the “Wolfhounds,” the “Rainbow Division,” or the “Buffalos” a misspelling that just stuckunit pride is very much a part of their lives.

Any flourish in the salute is improper. Render the hand salute at the first fm 7-21.13 of “To the Colors. You salute to show respect toward an officer, flag, or our country.

Indoors a soldier in uniform silently stands at fm 7-21.13 facing the flag. Consistent and proper military courtesy is an indicator of unit discipline, as well. These are a few: To properly display the campaign streamers, fm 7-21.13 soldier ensures the first Lexington and last Kosovo Fm 7-21.13 Campaign campaign streamers are visible.

Fmm Army is hundreds of years older than you are and proud of its experience. As you continue in your Army career, you will find there are privileges that come with rank and responsibility.

If you are armed, fm 7-21.13, do not remove your headgear. With every note of Reveille or Retreat we call to mind our common bond with soldiers of the Continental Army and the sacrifices soldiers have made ever since.

See the 7-12.13 seal in figure below. Special designations authorized unit fm 7-21.13 such as Cottonbalers, the 7th Infantry Regiment. Military courtesy shows respect and reflects self-discipline. Military courtesy means good manners and politeness in dealing with other people.

The breach of some Army customs merely brands the offender as ignorant, careless, or ill bred.

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