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13 Oct note: No partitioning in B.I , except DB2 (as it supports) .. What are the maximum number of partitions you can create on an InfoCube?. 9 Oct There are some differences in SAP BI while creating objects. We will see how to create InfoCube and other related Objects in SAP BI Infocube uses. 4 Apr How to create an InfoCube. 1. SAP BI 7.X FOR SMARTIES SERIES TBW10 Solution Exercise 5 Creating an InfoCube; 2. Creating an InfoCube.

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No search term specified. It is a self-enclosed data set encompassing one or more related business processes. The above cube demonstrates a simple 3 dimensional cube.

An Infocube follows the Extended Star Schema. Documents were posted during the reconstruction.

Depending on the selected update method, check below queues: What is Degenerated Dimension? Thus dimension table is not created in this case. Incorrect data in BW, for individual documents for a period of reconstruction run. How many tables are formed when you activate the InfoCube structure? Why you go for Reconstruction? Read and Write are possible.

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However, this error was not reported cretae the application. Ensure optimum cardinality while adding characteristics infoobject to dimensions. An InfoCube can function as both a data target and an InfoProvider.


Delta loads will bring any new or changed records after the last upload. Cube resides on any remote system i.

What is Compound Attribute? Sales Cube has sales document number and usually the dimension size and the fact table size will be the same. What are InfoCube types? You’ll be able to see the delta changes coming in the delta queue through RSA7 on the R3 side.

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What are the other techniques of InfoCube design alternatives. What are the errors occur during Reconstruction? In the dialog box, enter the technical hierarchy name, or the hierarchy version if applicable, the time-reference, and at least one short description of the hierarchy.

Rollup creates aggregates in an InfoCube whenever new data is loaded.

Step by Step Guide to load data to BW using BI 7.0

Step 7 Select Characteristics. Documentquantity Are the tables created after activation or Saving the InfoCube structure? You can now define your hierarchy here.


Cloud Computing Photoshop Digital Marketing. What are the tools or utilities of an InfoCube? Documents created during the how to create infocube in sap bi 7.0 run then exist in the reconstruction tables as well as in the update queues.

To do a delta, you first have to now the delta on the BW side and then set up the delta. To report this post you need to login first. Contact me at murmurdash gmail.

What is the structure of InfoCube? The dimensions of an Info-Cube are entities or hierarchies. Therefore, the reconstruction tables may contain the same data from your current reconstruction and from previous reconstruction runs for example, tests. Use line item dimension if only one object is placed in a dimension table.