To make such videos you will need: • Communication Platform (like the free Proboard Forum). • Smartpen (try the LifeScribe Echo model). • Bandicam Download. Upload Smartpen Notes into Pencasts (Echo Smartpen). Online Support on our website: • Math Pencast Samples. • Creating Watermarks for.

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I rarely do screencasts as they take too long.

Thank you for your kind reply. Who do I need to contact to rectify this situation because it livescibe that the livescribe smart pen 3 is what our office needs?

Active Ink View Button There livescribe pencast also an active ink view button. Pencasts are one of the unique and powerful features of Livescribe smartpens. Livescribe pencast can play and pause your pencast, and skip forward and back through the audio. Sharing Audio Only Parent topic: Now, when I send it to my assistant, I have to email him the player url, which he then opens, downloads the file, then uploads it to the browser, and finally he can see the video. The main livescribe pencast is that a Pencast PDF can contain ink that has associated audio—called “active ink”.

I’m livescribe pencast to help you learn more about Livescribe. There are several ways to play back a Livescribe PDF pencast.

Hi Mia — you can export the audio as a. This is one more step than opening livescribe pencast Word doc, but much easier than trying to make a standalone video.

Pencast PDFs sent to your livescribe pencast using the Computer Connector are updated automatically with new ink and audio that you add livescribe pencast your notebooks.

Echo Desktop on Windows and Mac computers: Once you send the Pencast PDF to penast computer, you can share the entire file page and audio without using Connectors. A pencast is a digital, interactive copy of your written notes combined with audio synced to those written notes. Only on my big computer at work. They only need to save the file livescribe pencast their desktop, open their web browser to http: When we launched Livescribe 3 and Echo Desktop, customers asked to be able to play back these PDF files from anywhere — including mobile devices.


Share your Livescribe 3 and Echo Desktop Pencasts.

Viewing and Playing a Pencast PDF

When you click active ink, it turns gray and the audio starts playing. The challenge has always been how to share these amazing recordings with others. You can back up or archive these documents as you would any other PDF file, and share them on cloud-sharing services or Learning Management Systems. Hi Livescribe pencast — We use. In the default gray setting, the gray words turn green as the audio plays. Anyone with Adobe Reader X or higher can livescribe pencast and play the audio with the audio control bar.

Pencast PDFs have an audio control bar for playing, pausing, and stopping audio playback. Save the exported Livescribe PDF file to your local desktop or downloads folder. Click active ink to play its audio. When you first view a notebook page, active ink appears in green type. Then send the file to livescribe pencast device via email or cloud service.

A pencast can be played back in a linear fashion like a movie, or you can click on any word or drawing in your notes and jump to the corresponding point in the recording to get to an important detail.

In Livescribe Desktop, users can read livescribe pencast notes, play your audio, and make custom notebooks. If they just need your written notes not the audiothey can even just click on the PDF file livescribe pencast it will open right away, same livescribe pencast any other file.

Hi, I would like to be able to export the timestamped coordinates of writing from Livescribe 3 for my research project. Please use a different web browser to listen to your audio.


How a Livescribe PDF works Livescribe PDFs will open in any standard PDF viewer with the notes fully visible, and audio available as an attachment that can be livescribe pencast back through any audio player supporting. Please contact us at cs livescribe.

The control bar also has jump controls, bookmarks starsand an audio timeline control. Livescribe PDFs will open in any standard PDF viewer with the notes fully visible, and audio available as an attachment that can be played back through any livescribe pencast player supporting.

Scroll livescribe pencast the end of the article to see how to play back your Livescribe PDF files. Pencawt PR Manager for Livescribe. Also, does Livescribe 3 need WiFi in order to record a pencast?

Viewing and Playing a Pencast PDF

Livescribe PDFs are standard PDF documents that include images of each page of notes, the recorded audio from pencasts, and handwriting recognition using the InkML open standard that helps recognize pen strokes and convert them to digital text. If you livescribe pencast a Livescribe 3 or Echo smartpen, you can create and share Livescribe PDFs with anyone knowing that they can see and enjoy the benefits of the fully interactive pencast. There is also an active ink view button.

Click this button to toggle the “unwritten” color of active ink from livescribe pencast to invisible. Ever llivescribe I got the LiveScribe3, I find livescribe pencast doing designs, explaining and wanting to share it. What platform are you trying to play the audio back on? Is something like that in the works? Each livsecribe downloading a pencast or opening it livescribe pencast discussion.

M4A container so the pencast audio is easier to send and share.