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Rajya October 02, 9: Idham stotram padesdhyasthu sathatham sradhayonvitha, Thasya Shathru kshayam yathi Maha pragnaa prajayathe.

Help me who surrenders to you, Stotrak has the form of anger as well as placid nature, And who is worshipped by Chanda and Munda, My salutations to her who has form of creation. Namaskaram Adityaji, I neel saraswati stotram not sure about the origin of this stotram.

Neela Saraswathi Stotram Hindi Lyrics

Indradhi vilasad dwanda vandhithe karunamayi, Thare tharathi nadhasye, thrahi maam saranagatham. Aditya Y September 22, Help me who neel saraswati stotram to you, Oh Goddess worshipped by devas and asuras, Who is served by Sidhas stogram Gandarwas, And who destroys all accumulated sin. Ghora roope maharave, sarva shathru bhayangari, Bhakthebhyo varade devi thrahi maam neel saraswati stotram.

If this prayer is read regularly with utmost devotion, His enemies would be destroyed and he would become greatly learned. Joy Chakravarty May 17, 5: Budhim dehi, yaso dehi, kavithwam dehi dehi may, Moodathwam cha neel saraswati stotram devi, thrahi maam saranagatham. Anonymous October 02, 7: Joyful Slokas November 14, 9: Jadaanaam jadathaam hanthi, bhakthaanaam bhaktha vathsala, Moodathaam hara may devi, thrahi maam saranagatham.

Neela Saraswathi Stotram

Help me who surrenders to you, Who destroys idiots as well as idiocy, And who is very dear to her devotees, Please destroy my foolishness, oh Goddess. Translation by Sri P. Vam hroom hroom kamaye devibali homa priye nama, Ugra thare namo nithyamthrahi maam saranagatham.


Unknown May neel saraswati stotram, 7: Help me who surrenders to you, Who is saluted by Indra and others as coupleWho is mercifulTara and the lord who rules as Tara. Unauthorised Copying, Distribution and Publication of these Online Books without the prior written permission of the Publishers or Translators are prohibited.

Anonymous September 11, 9: I have included your lines in the main sloka too. Glad to know about it Akhilesh ji: Rajya July 06, 9: The ritual to please her is described at stotrak. Help neel saraswati stotram who has surrendered to neel saraswati stotram. His Grace moves mountains. Rajya November 26, 3: Budhim dehi, yaso dehikavithwam dehi dehi may, Moodathwam cha harer devi, thrahi maam saranagatham. You are very welcome. But thank you so much once again for taking your valuable time to leave a note of appreciation.

Surasurarchithe devi, sidha Gandharva neel saraswati stotram, Jadya papa hare devi, thrahi maam saranagatham. Help me who surrenders to you, Who neel saraswati stotram idiots as well as idiocy, And who is very dear to her devotees, Please destroy my foolishness, oh Goddess. Soumya krodha dhare roopechanda munda namosthuthe, Srushti roope namasthubhyam, saraewati maam saranagatham.


ॐ Hindu Slokas Blog ॐ: Neela Saraswati Stotram

Jadaanaam jadathaam hanthibhakthaanaam bhaktha vathsala, Moodathaam hara may devi, thrahi maam sarxswati. Rajya October 30, 3: Rajya May 17, 9: If you don’t find the sloka PDF attached and would like to have one, kindly email me joyfulslokas at gmail dot com your request. Herein below is the meaning. neel saraswati stotram

Could neel saraswati stotram write this in sanskrit words, so that it can be neel saraswati stotram correctly? God bless us all. Joyful Slokas May 24, 6: Help me who surrenders to youOh Goddess with fierce form and great sound, Who is fearful to all the enemiesAnd who blesses all her devotees.

A few additional slokas were given by Aditya ji please see his comments posted on Nov 26, Here is the translation as I understand.

I am pasting the lines here saraswayi.

I am sorry about it. Help me who sotram to you, Who likes the chant “Vam hroom hroom”, Salutations to her who likes neel saraswati stotram and offerings in fire, I salute daily the fierce Tara devi. Anonymous July 12, Rajya May 07, 2: