D2K – 77 D2K interview questions and answers by expert members with Is It possible to use or develop grid in oracle d2k? if possible means how?. Oracle d2k interview questions Oracle d2k interview questions. Overview · Version History · pkraju. Oracle forms interview questions and answers. 28 Jul When you call a form, Oracle Forms issues a savepoint for the called form. If the CLEAR_FORM function causes a rollback when the called form.

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Programmatically, record groups can be used whenever the functionality offered by a two-dimensional array of multiple data types is desirable. Do you know how to change font, color, etc. Oracle Forms releases memory such as database cursors that the terminated form was using.

Oracle D2K Interview Questions & Answers

What are the types of visual attributes? Do you know how to modify the number of records displayed in a multi-record block? The various Block Coordination Properties are. Blocks Base Table vs.

It does, however it will only. A custom control that simplifies the building and enhancing of user. User exits can perform the following tasks.

What is a Property Class? Named visual attributes define only font, color, and pattern attributes; property classes can. Which system variables can be set by users?

For the purchase order, we will create a list box to display the supplier name, city and state. A static record group is not associated with a query; rather, you define its structure and row values at design time, and they remain fixed at runtime.


Oracle Forms Interview Questions and Answers – Oracle Appplications

The timing of this event may vary but one of the most common is when the user enters a value and causes the cursor to try to exit the item oracle d2k interview questions and answers pressing the TAB key or using the mouse to click elsewhere in the form.

Rise in Demand for Talent Here’s how to train middle managers This is how banks are wooing startups Nokia to cut thousands of jobs. A non-query record group is a group that does orafle have an associated query, but whose structure and values can be modified programmatically at runtime. Oracle d2k interview questions and answers is a Data Group? What is MDI form? Selecting a check box toggles it to the opposite answdrs. Private package constructs can be referenced anssers by other constructs which are part of the same package.

Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers – Oracle Forms FAQ- Part-2

How do you use the same lov for 2 columns? If another template is applied later to a report the existing template objects oracle d2k interview questions and answers be deleted in the current report section. The poplist style list ajd appears initially as a single field similar to a text item field.

Try This PDF:   IEC 60909-1 PDF

Trigger that gets executed due to user interaction is called Action Triggers. If the cursor navigates to an enterable item on a canvas, then the canvas becomes. You will usually define at least one content canvas view for each. Meant for sharing our knowledge related to Oracle E-Business Suite.

No, Canvas Object Physical represents table columns. When the Tlist contains values that cannot be displayed due to the displayable area of the itema vertical scroll bar appears, allowing the end user to view and select undisplayed values.

Top + Oracle D2K Interview Questions – Oracle D2K Interview Questions and Answers | Wisdom Jobs

The canvas specified must have the Canvas Type property set to Vertical Toolbar. Newer Post Older Post Home. Property Class is defining properties of objects along with ajd settings.

Just as tables in the database consist of related. Templates define common characteristics and objects that can be applied to multiple reports. This will allow the end-user to select the supplier from the list, rather than memorize the.