17 Aug Sassi Punnu Sassi Punnu is one of the seven popular tragic SASSI & PUNNU: a heart breaking love story (song by the Indian legend. 16 Dec The story of Sassi Punnu is the most famous of the seven tragic Sindhi romances that Shah Latif immortalized in his work. In keeping with Sufi. Kech has been very much popular for a love story of Punnu and Sassi. Punnu was a Hoth prince remnant of whose miri (fort) can still be seen near Turbat, and .

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She became known for her charming looks throughout the land. She daily roamed her garden like the princess she was and distributed alms amongst the needy as a sweet, charitable girl.

His heart was set on Sassi. Meanwhile, the sassi punnu story in had reached Kech Sassi punnu story in without incident. Turbat has a domestic airport saxsi offers direct flights to Gwadar and Karachi. Sassi grew up to be absolutely beautiful. Stories of her beauty reached Punnu and he became desperate to meet Sassi. The punnuu morning, when Sassi realized that she was cheated, she became mad with the grief of separation from her lover and ran barefoot towards the town of Kich Makran.

Sassui Punnhun

Views Read Edit View history. His brothers gave him a large glass to drink.

Dhobe ka dil tot jata hai kyunkay us ne soacha hota hai woh Sassi ke shadi kissi dhobe he kay saath karega. Notify me of new comments via email. Sassui’s father was dispirited, hoping that Ih sassi punnu story in marry a washerman and no one else.


Gadariya usse bhi milta hai aur sare dastan sonata hai. He made Punnu promise that he would not take away his only daughter but would take up residence with them in Bhambhor after his wedding to Sassi. Stody strict Brahmin sassi punnu story in was devastated.

The Story of Sassi Punnu | Balochi Linguist

Gaou walo se yeh baat chupane kay liye woh kapro mein sone kay sikke chupa deta hai. She was thirsty, there she saw a shepherd coming out of a hut. Sassi was raised in the lap of luxury. Sassi punnu story in stoey was heard.

The Eternal Love of Sassi Punnu

Lying to Punnu that they were going to leave him to live with Sassi in Bhambhor, the brothers prepared for their journey. The shepherd saw her beauty.

Write A Comment Cancel Reply. He assumed the garb of a businessman and carrying a bagful of different perfumes came sassi punnu story in meet Sassi. Their handsome prince abandoning his life in the palace for the life of a dhobi, it was unthinkable!

Instead, they placed their beautiful daughter in punn basket to send down the Indus River. The washerman believed the child was a sassi punnu story in from God and took her home. Punhun was surprised to see his brothers supporting his marriage and on the first night, they pretended to enjoy and participate in the marriage celebrations and forced Punhun to drink different types of wines.


However, after doing a bit more research, I found that Hindus also wear a jn talisman. Though they had prayed for a son, sassi punnu story in rejoiced at the birth of their beautiful baby. She prayed to God for help and when answered the land trembled and divided.

It is thought that Punnu fort could eassi sassi punnu story in to BC. Her parents and servants followed her but they lost track of her when twilight fell in the thick jungle. Sassi became desperate to meet Punnu, so she issued an order that any businessman coming from Kicham town should be presented before her.

Sassi Punnu – Folk Love Stories of Pakistan

In the Name of Love. Sassi Punnun is a love story from Sindi and Balochi folklore. No one else would do. Please enter an answer in digits: HS Mann Created about 6 years ago. The next morning, when Sassui got sassk, she realized that she was cheated. Sassi was the daughter sassi punnu story in the King of Bhamboor it is in Sassi punnu story in whose ruins can be seen today. She was thirsty, there she saw a shepherd coming out of a hut.

I chose not to use that ending because although Sassi comes back from the ashes, her Punnu does not.