15 Feb The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress: The history of Taoism is not clear-cut, nor is Taoism easily defined; however, it is widely accepted. This is a booklet that explains the White Tigress teachings based upon 3, year old Taoist sexual practices. The female is placed in control of her sexuality. 15 Aug While western scientists and drug companies are scrambling to unlock the mysteries of – female desire, the sexual teachings of the White.

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Her only value is sfxual her youth and beauty – her ability to be sexually pleasing to men; men who presumably are incapable of feeling sexual arousal for grown up, mature women.

Why, it’s male semen, of course! I hope that I see you soon. Translations of the ancient teachings from a rare White Tigress manual dating back 3, years explain the sexual and spiritual refinement of ching sexual energychi vital energyand shen consciousness –the Three Treasures of Taoism–the secret to qhite eternal youthfulness and immortality.

The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress: Secrets of the Female Taoist Masters by Hsi Lai

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Already I’m so amazed. It is great to have a new understanding of sexuality, one that embraces female pleasure, connects whitr physical to the spiritual and the physical to the restorative, and one that is open and comfortable with human sexuality as one of the most basic and most important aspect of ourselves.

All of the characters in this book are fictitious, and that includes, presumably, the mysterious Madame Lin who gave him access to the old tome he claims to be translating.

Taoist researcher and lecturer Hsi Lai which means “Westerner” and is quite possibly a pseudonym claims to summarize the contents of a manual for “White Tigresses,” an ancient, secret Taoist He doesn’t seem to realize, first of all, that not all porn stars and prostitutes age more rapidly than other women, presuming any do at all.

Ill add a one-way link to your forum. May 19, Raechelle Thomas rated it it was ok. Open Preview See a Problem? There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but there’s so much misinformation, manipulation and naive stupidity about the female body, and his sublime thoughts about porn stars and prostitutes, you’ll soon be laughing if you are old enough and have had enough experience with sexuality to understand your own body and the vast realm of women’s sexuality.


Access to the group carried two stipulations – that the text cover only the first three years of training, and that those linked with White Tigresses remain nameless. Alan rated it liked it Feb 16, Golden rated it it was amazing Apr 27, Hello there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative.

White Tigresses engage in two primary oral practices to revitalize their yin and yang energies. Kate rated it liked it Aug 12, I’ve already gone on too rhe, but I can’t help but mention one other thing.

Revealed here for the first time in English are the secrets of the White Tigress that have all but disappeared from the world.

The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress

No one in China will likely know anything about this book, he says. They knew the more youthful our minds became, the more youthful our bodies would remain.

No fee was paid by the author lf this review. Nor does he realize that those who seem to be aging rapidly are probably women who are also using drugs and alcohol to dampen the reality of a life they can’t stand. He has his own agenda and he’s working over time to convince women that they should adopt his program.

Review of The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress () — Foreword Reviews

Its so wonderful to reocnnect with old friends and discover what brilliance they have been up to. Watch this wonderful erotic story about an adventure Lynn and her husband Mark created.

The whole book conveys the message, page after page, and in myriad ways, that a woman simply has no value past the age of adolescence. Everything about the Jade Maiden; her hair, eyes, and skin have a natural youthful glow and her internal organs are healthy and robust. Sherrice Thomas rated it it was ok Sep 19, Secrets of the Female Taoist Masters. Balancing Yin and Yang Energies White Tigresses engaged in two primary oral practices to internally balance their yin and yang energies.

Considering that these practices mostly involve the woman giving endless numbers of blowjobs and then smearing her partner’s semen all over her face while at the same time limiting the amount of sexual intercourse she can engage in, I don’t know of many modern women who will try them! Because so few men really bother to take the time to learn how to please women in this way, I think that last comment may seem incomprehensible to many women.


I havent been this moved with a blog for an extended time! Tigresses considered sex much like a wild horse: Yes, if you put a link to my site with my name. Related Posts See all I was inspired to share this video poem I created a few years ago, which has never been published.

A book written by a male that holds the secret to empower females by having them focus years of their life on pleasuring males, and justifies it by claiming to be ancient hidden knowledge that you’ll never come across in the traditional path.

With clarity and diligence, Lai guides readers through the thorny concepts associated with White Tigresses, explaining in detail the Absorption of Male Sexual Energy, sexual-spiritual alchemy and yin convergence, among other concepts.

And now Hsi Lai is bringing it to your shores. Tigresses viewed these early sexual feelings as beneficial- and they maintained any woman who enjoyed exhibiting her charms could recreate these energies in her mind and body at any age.

He lectures throughout the world on Taoism and the practices of Taoist sex. During tigres time of puberty, a young girl is called the Jade Maiden, for her initial curiosities about sex were just beginning to emerge in her body and texchings like a young shoot peeking through the ground.

Tigress G rated it it was amazing May 03, It is an intriguing idea teachins the paperback presents, for the first time in a public arena, the ancient Chinese sexual practices of this elite group of Taoist women whose training requires nine years in the practice of White Tigress techniques.

Jessie Hartley rated it did not like it Jul 26, Absorption is the ability to bring the energy of the male orgasm into herself, whereby she then uses that masculine yang energy to strengthen her own feminine yin energy.