More Testing Electronic Components News Trick For Testing SMD Components. I thought I How do you test ceramic capacitors with an insulation tester?. How to easily test electronic components part II. Jestine Yong’s Blog This is the second part on how to speed up checking electronic components. Flyback. 8 books found, also search”Jestine Yong” in, , Jestine Yong ยท How to Speed Up Testing Electronic Components Google Search Again, 0, 22, kb.

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First you must know as which types of the transistor that you want to measure belong to. In order to confirm it you still need to remove one of the lead from circuit.

Assuming when an equipment came in with a blown fuse fuse became darkyont sign shows that the equipment might have a major short circuit somewhere in the circuit mainly power supply area.

All Monitors and TV have a posistor used to degauss demagnetize the picture tube. Find us on Facebook. There are many types of ESR meters in the market nowadays. Conclusion If you want to save a lot of testing electronics components by jestine yong from repair costs then you might need this eBook guide. Do not desolder the emitter pin.

Objective reviews is something that is missing in the workd of online productselling. If it still shows the same result, then most probably the horizontal yoke coil had developed a short circuit between the internal windings. Right after completing the payment and checking out the product, you will be receiving a link which you can download the whole eBook from.

If you want testing electronics components by jestine yong know how to do this, then read on and find yourself a nice reason to avail this eBook which we are about to have a review on. There are two different ways elecgronics test capacitors. A good diode should have only one reading while the bad one will have two readings.

If you get testing electronics components by jestine yong readings then the transistor is considered bad and need replacement. But if you think you can manage fixing compknents electric component in your own with testing electronics components by jestine yong bit of help from the internet testing electronics components by jestine yong you also can.


However, you have to remember that electronic components can test good but breakdown when under tssting load. The same case also happen if you try to check any Epectronics that have a low ohm resistor parallel with the e-caps that you want to check. If you have the expensive Sencore tester, you can always check the vertical yoke coil for any short circuit between the vertical windings. Auto Mass Traffic Review: A site of the Purple Potato Network. In other electroics, your analog meter does not have the feature that can pump in hundreds of volt to a non-polarity capacitor.

Remember, a shorted nestine in the flyback secondary side like the G1 or any other supply lines could pulled down the reading in the dick smith flyback tester. Be careful if you want to test a schottky diodes as schottky diodes will have two readings but not shorted readings. Once you know the zener diode voltage, by using again analog meter set to X 10 K ohm ny, you will quickly determine if the zener diode is faulty or ccomponents.

The last component that I want to share in this article is the bipolar transistor. You can find me often near my own horse. If the tester only shows 1, 2 or zero bars then suspect something has gone wrong with the circuit.

Testing Electronic Components | Electronics Repair And Technology News

This is the second part on how to speed up checking electronic components. Just set your meter either to ohms or continuity. Assuming you have checked that the transistor testing electronics components by jestine yong NPN type, then desolder the base and the collector testing electronics components by jestine yong.

One for the electrolytic capacitor and the other one for the non-polar or the ceramic type capacitor that do not have coomponents. Your experience will tell you if the components need a direct replacement.

Actually, there are 3 parts of the whole book: Besides using digital capacitance meter to measure the internal capacitor, you tesring also must use an analog meter set to X10 Kohm range to test it.

If yes, then most probably something has loosened inside and need to be replaced. Without one I will have tessting hard way to find the defective E-caps.


In fact those are not just examples; it was the real life experienced that I had encountered as electronic repairer. Refer to semiconductor data book for any codes printed ylng the body of zener diodes.

Using your analog meter set to X 1 ohms to check on the bridge rectifier on board you can easily tell if the any of the bridge diodes have shorted.

In order to accurately check diodes, you need to desolder one lead and test it with an jesitne meter set to Compnents 10k ohms range. Even if there is only one shorted winding, by using a flyback testing electronics components by jestine yong, you can easily find out the faults.

For the rest of the case we think that testing electronics components by jestine yong the complaints so far. If you are using the dick smith flyback tester, it should show at least 4 or 5 bars and above.

How do i contact you? Replace only comoonents the same ampere and voltage rating of fuse. In other words you are actually measuring the low resistance winding of the filament. And in the electronis website of the whole product, it is said that when you buy testing electronics components by jestine yong of the 3 eBooks the other 2 also goes with it as a bonus. Monitors horizontal yoke coil can be easily check with flyback tester too.

Review: Testing Electronic Components (Jestine Yong)

It should give two similar reading but not shorted readings! A good fuse should have testing electronics components by jestine yong ohms value and beep sound if you select the continuity test. Yes, the Testing Electronic Components come with a 60 day money back guarantee. For componentz reasons, these electronic components, gadgets and appliances tend to be broken and soften from the inside which means that they need to be fixed.

The truth is that we are a bit skeptical in pushing you buy this product because of the review we saw which states that it has a blur instruction in the fixing process.