The Ancient Wisdom has 65 ratings and 4 reviews. Alexis said: To The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings. Other editions Annie Besant. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. Chapters include: The Physical Plane; The Astral Plane; Kamaloka; The Mental Plane; Devachan; The Buddhic and Nirvanic. 20 Apr The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings. by Annie Wood Besant. Publication date Topics astral, mental, physical.

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No effort, not even the smallest, is lost, but the ancient wisdom annie besant followed by its full effect, and every contribution gathered and handed inwards is stored in the treasure-house of the causal body for future use.

There being so much of these things among us, we create a blindly hostile army on the astral plane, and this is answered in our own astral bodies by a feeling of dread, set up by the antagonistic vibrations that are sensed, but not understood. The harvest of the the ancient wisdom annie besant for consumption and assimilation in Devachan consists of all the pure thoughts and emotions generated during earth-life, all the intellectual and moral efforts and aspirations, all the memories of useful work and plans for human service — everything which is capable of being worked into mental and moral faculty, thus assisting in the evolution of the soul.

Ancient Wisdom By Annie Besant, Free ebook | Global Grey

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. But, needless to say at the present stage of humanity, there is a vast preponderance of cloudy and irregularly shaped thoughts, the production of the ill-trained minds of the majority.

The elemental essence of the mental plane is formed by the Monad in the stage of its descent immediately preceding its entrance into the astral world, and it constitutes the second elemental kingdom, existing on the four lower subdivisions of the mental plane.

In sleep, this beeant astral body slips, as usual, from its physical encasement, but is by no means held captive by it, as in the former case. Souls wisom somewhat bessnt progressed Page types are found there, and although they are held there by the encasement built by the activity of their earthly interests, their attention the ancient wisdom annie besant for the the ancient wisdom annie besant part directed onwards rather than backwards, and, if they are not forcibly recalled to the concerns of earth-life, they will pass on without very much delay.

At the head of each division is a great Being, the captain of the mighty host, Called the ancient wisdom annie besant Deva, or God, by the Hindus.

Their statements are naturally of a higher type than those spoken of as coming from the second division, but are not marked by any characteristics that render them more valuable than similar statements made by persons still in the body. Pages with related products.


To all, however, sooner or later — save to that small minority who during earth-life never felt one touch of unselfish love, of intellectual aspiration, of recognition of something or some one higher than themselves — there comes a time when the bonds of the astral body are finally shaken off, while the soul sinks into brief unconsciousness of its surroundings, like the hhe that follows the dropping off of the physical body, to be awakened by a sense of bliss, intense, immense, fathomless, undreamed of, the bliss of the heaven-world, of the world to which by its own nature it belongs.

She was elected to the London School Board for Tower Hamlets, topping the poll even though few women were qualified to vote at that time. It responds quickly to all the contacts coming to it through besamt physical body, and is stirred by the influences rained on it from the conscious entity within, memory and imagination stimulating it to action, and causing it to Page 77 become the prompter of the ancient wisdom annie besant body to activity instead of only being moved by it.

In the earlier building of human bodies this selective action the ancient wisdom annie besant due to the Monad of form, but now that man is a self-conscious entity he presides over his own building.

Devasthan, the place of the Gods, is the Sanskrit the ancient wisdom annie besant. In particular she attacked the status of the Church of England as a state-sponsored faith. Yves rated it it was ok Oct 01, A few of its doctrines are more important in their ethical bearing than this of the creation and direction of thought-forms, or artificial elementals, for through it man learns that his mind does not concern himself alone, that his thoughts do not affect himself alone, but that he is ever sending out angels the ancient wisdom annie besant devils into the world of men, for whose creation he is responsible, and for whose influences he is held accountable.

Might be a confusing for someone not well versed with the basics of theosophy and metaphysics. Large numbers of educated and thoughtful people, who were chiefly occupied with worldly affairs during their physical lives, are conscious in these regions, and may be induced to communicate through mediums, and, more rarely, seek such communication themselves.

Annie Besant

As part of her theosophy-related work, she travelled to India. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. All that education can do is to provide such external stimuli as shall arouse the ancient wisdom annie besant encourage the growth of the useful faculties he already possesses, and stunt and help in the eradication of those that are undesirable. The man can then also freely exercise the astral senses while the consciousness is working in the physical body, so that these enlarged avenues of knowledge become an appanage of his waking consciousness.


Clear, precise thoughts have each their own definite shapes, with sharp clean outlines, and show an endless variety of the ancient wisdom annie besant. When the time comes for rebirth, the etheric double is built in advance of the dense body, the latter exactly following it in its ante-natal development.

One comes away with the feeling that a master architect has been at work on “The Ancient Wisdom;” one who can build with materials from her native English world with those she acquired during her life in India. For it must never be forgotten that these heavens are part of a great evolutionary scheme, and, until man has found the real Self, his own unreality makes him subject to illusions.

These images, born of the contacts of the senses, draw round themselves the coarsest mental matter; the dawning powers of consciousness reproduce beant images, and thus accumulate a store of the ancient wisdom annie besant that begin to stimulate action initiated from within, from the wish to experience again through the outer organs the vibrations that were found pleasant, and to avoid those productive of pain.

Except when stimulated by these astral vibrations it remains almost quiescent, and even the ancient wisdom annie besant their impulses its responses are sluggish. If this section of the book is augmented with her nanie “Thought Forms” co-written with Leadbeatermuch can be gained about how this surrounding field of energy might operate.

He learns to live by the axiom of purification: The harvest sown is reaped after its kind. I really the ancient wisdom annie besant the explanations provided by the author on the subject of the Bardos, Karma and reincarnation. Once again here, as on the two lower planes, the subdivisions of the spirit-matter of the besajt are seven in number. The absence of gross particles in his astral body renders it incapable of responding to the promptings of lower objects of desire, and they turn away from him as beyond their attraction.

Foras we the ancient wisdom annie besant seen, the ultimate physical atom, the constituent of the rarest physical ether, has for its sphere-wall innumerable aggregations of the coarsest astral matter. The majority of people only just enter that lofty region to pass swiftly out again ; some spend there a large portion of their devachanic existence ; a few spend there almost the whole.