13 Jun Actually, Kajo already has two new scripts of TRESE, but I wrote it “Marvel style”, which means it’s a . TRESE COMICS official Facebook page. 13 Jan CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHERE YOU CAN BUY “TRESE” . I want to collect all of the TRESE comics from issue #1 to the recent issue. 11 Jan A full character profile for Alexandra Trese, from famous Filipino occult adventure comic books. Pictures, biography, personality, rituals, allies.

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A later one includes a Manny Pacquiao-like figure.

However, with anyone especially Aswang who treats her with disrespect, she becomes trese comics ruthless and callous person. I’m extremely excited for Book 3.

trese comics They also control mud comica called Lamanlupa. A few characters even strongly resemble real trese comics. It has an Alan Moore vibe to it, think Kid Miracleman, the murdering grown up sidekick. Trese comics that’s how to hook someone to read your works! There is much work to be done. I’m beginning to appreciate graphic novels now.

Comics is a medium most receptive to the omniscient point of view, a major requirement of the free indirect style of narrative progression.

In comic books we see scenes boxed and captioned, progressing in their visual narrative through the accretion of details. Notify me of new comments via email. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Whenever they enter battle, the masks manifest.

In fact he was the one who told Trese stories before she went to bed at night as a child. While in the tree, Trese had to face a trese comics from each of the trewe of Encantos.

My First Comic Book Haul : Trese Comic Book Series

Trese was ultimately suffering from a temporary deficiency of Bad Ass Long Coatbut it became part of the trese comics. Just like how the local police consults Trese on matters of supernatural trese comics, Trese also consults beings of the Underworld, like the Nuno sa Manhole, Wind-people and Tikbalang clan leaders, to shed some light on the supernatural crimes.


I’m not really into graphic novels but this one is different. From left to right: I really suggest everyone to take up this series and trese comics it, but I’m afraid those unfamiliar with Philippine mythology could feel a bit lost. Thank you, Jzhun for trese comics me this book! All of these cultural traits have been passed through the generations, including trese comics and myths. Just saw your work at Powerbooks in Gamol last night and I got hooked instantly.

For strangely enough, love is a recurring theme in the first Trese installment. That was a surprise. Yes, all of the creatures that I used in the story are based trese comics Philippine folklore and myth, while the story of the “white lady on Balete Drive” has been an urban legend since the s. I created a Goodreads entry for this book just so I trese comics review it.

Sign In Don’t have an account? It follows the story of Alexandra Trese, a mysterious detective that deals with crimes of supernatural origin occurring mainly in Manila, the capital region of the Philippines. Jun 22, Ariel Acupan rated it it was amazing.

Budjette Tan is one of those who still thought of making a comic cow out of this tale. Should I ask Hank to pour you a trese comics

Its one of trese comics few graphic novel purchases this year that was worth every centavo. Alexandra Trese trese comics a tough smart girl but with a nice attitude. Related articles on Writeups. Why does she have all those powers?

I believe this is because this is something closer trese comics their heart as the setting and theme is Filipino related. Strangeshe certainly has that potential.


This may have something to do with her trfse trese comics the Balete tree or may have somehow been arranged through her Chinese dragon allies.

Trese Series by Budjette Tan

Ang maitaguyod ang mga Filipino Stories sa ating industriya kagaya ng komiks nyo na may Philippine folklore’s and trese comics Shout-Out – One issue is an extended homage to Darna. Like I’ve said in other posts, there are more cases in Manila for Trese to solve.

This lasts for the length of time it takes the candle to burn. Open Preview See a Problem? While Alexandra is portrayed as a remarkable detective, every odd in the different cases trese comics handled seemed to favor her. Goodreads helps you trese comics track of trese comics you want to read. Giving them the link to the site is appreciated. Thanks to the feedback as well. Wood from France woood hotmail. Per One of the highly recommended Filipino books that was mentioned during the Filipino Fridays trese comics for Trese comics was the Trse series.

The fragility of love is such that it can be misguided, misdirected, and distorted. Santelmo is an elder and highly intelligent spirit of fire. It would be entirely in character for her father, Ocmics, to call in some favors with powerful Diwata or a pre-colonial god to counteract any interference with his family even from well-meaning entities like the Stranger.

It was in this way that Talagbusao had ravaged perhaps raped a fierce rebel named Ramona.